We develop and implement innovative resource-saving technologies to create the organic products for agricultural producers.

We realize the importance of the agricultural producers efforts and we consider the agricultural products will be in demand in the coming decades as never before.

According to the expert forecast the world population will amount the limit for the planet 10 billion men by the 2050 year. So, to feed such a huge quantity of people, global food production must nearly double by the 2050.

Thus, the population growth put a strain on agriculture and on the ecosystem as a whole. On account of global climate changes the reduction in yields advances. As a result, producers have to use more aggressive ways of farming, disbalance ecosystems and worsen existing negative factors.

For the past twenty years our scientist’s researches have been devoted to overcome these negative tendencies.

It is to overcome these negative tendencies and was devoted to the work of our scientists for the past 20 years.

Since 1994, we have been carrying out the laboratory and pilot testing on linen, cotton, rice, winter wheat, maize, oilseed rape, sugar beet, spring barley and potatoes in R&D institutes in cooperation with domestic and international organizations.

The result of the long time scientific activity has become the creation of the innovative broad reactive drug named “KREBSAKTIV”, consisting of succinic acid and calhumite.

Gentle activation of the  “KREBSAKTIV” unique components  allows to activate the metabolism of the plants and improve the process of assimilation of nutrients derived from soil.

The drug “KREBSAKTIV” is convenient and easy to use, as it does not require any special agricultural practices and has a low consumption of the working substance. The drug is added directly to the fertilizer used in a ratio of 1/1000 and does not require stirring. (For example, 1 kg of “KREBSAKTIV” per 1 ton of fertilizer, etc.).

After the supplement of “KREBSAKTIV” to the used fertilizer the end mixture must be allowed to stand at rest for 72 hours NECESSARILY.

Under the development program for 2016-2026 years The Company “4ESTER” Ltd. offers services in production and sale of the “KREBSAKTIV”. We invite for cooperation dealers, farmers and all related parties.

Use of innovative technologies

reduces the time and energy in agriculture