The preparation “KREBSAKTIV” includes a mixture of composite humate and succinic acid. The product is a granular substance, that exists in the given state. When producing “KREBSAKTIV” it is carried out an external resonance effect (method of quantum resonant activation). Techniques and other components of the activation process are the “know-how” of the developer.

Depending on the type of agricultural fertilizer, which is supposed to use the “KREBSAKTIV”, men use an appropriate wave packet in a strictly defined range of action to activate a composite mixture of the existing library. В дальнейшем используется активированный «КРЕБСАКТИВ» для совместного применения с интересующим типом сельскохозяйственного удобрения.

Later is used the activated “KREBSAKTIV” for common use with the type of agricultural fertilizers of interest. This additional application activation quantum resonant wave packet components of our product makes “KREBSAKTIV” significantly more productive than ordinary chemical exposure of humate mixture and succinic acid.

The external quantum resonance effects allows not only to reveal the most consumer properties of “KREBSAKTIV” ingredients, but also to get a non-obvious positive synergistic effects. It is opened up the whole range of multifunctional positive effect on the growth and development of plants. For example, it is implemented the possibility of the metabolic processes optimization in the plant, increased the plant’s ability to absorb and take nutrients from the soil, enhanced the synthesis of energy from carbohydrates and fats with the participation of trace elements and minerals. Gene expression in the plant becomes more expressed. The possibility of a direct positive impact on photosynthesis and respiration stage, including Krebs cycle as the final stage of oxidation not only carbohydrates, but also proteins, lipids and other compounds occurs. During the reactions of the Krebs cycle major amount of energy contained in the oxidizable substrate is released and, most of this energy is not lost to the plant body but utilized in the formation of high-energy end phosphate bonds of ATP. The plant absorbs vitamins and minerals well, it contributes to a the environmentally friendly and high yield.