Instructions of the “KREBSAKTIV” for using

  • The “Krebsactive” is added directly into fertilizer used in a ratio of 1/1000 and does not require stirring. (For example, 1 kg of “KREBSAKTIV” per 1 ton of fertilizer, etc.);
  • The addition the “Krebsactive” can be put out into containers used for storing fertilizer (bags, big bags, etc.);
  • After the addition of the “KREBSAKTIV” to the used fertilizers the obtained mixture must stand for 72 hours in rest state NECESSARILY
  • The type of “KREBSAKTIV” MUST match the type of the used fertilizer

The effectiveness of “KREBSAKTIV” is guaranteed if all the instructions given above are abserved only!!!



To maintain the experimental integrity of the research with the use of plant growth regulator “KREBSAKTIV” you must observe the following rules:

  • Before making the “KREBSAKTIV” in the fertilizer it is necessary to spread the experimental and control samples to at least 30 meters. Only then add the drug in developement types.
  • When applying fertilizer to the soil activated a distance from the boundary of the experimental field to the control field must be at least 50 meters, i.e. the fertilizers territory is activated separately from the controlling seeding. (See Figure 1)
  • The activator is kept separate from the fertilizer.
  • Activated fertilizers is stored separately from non-activated mineral fertilizers