The quantum resonant-activation method

The quantum resonant-activation method – is an innovative technology, that integrates the achievements in various fields of science: the plasma control, spin and coherent chemistry, chemical physics, laser, photonic and computer technologies. All these technologies are involved in the production of electromagnetic fields “special spectral shape” and their application to control the properties substances, processes, objects and systems of different origin and complexity. The structured low-intensity physical fields, providing address targeted state management of atomic and molecular structures, and thus the properties of substances and processes with their participation in practice developers call as a signal of special shape.

Quantum cryptographic version of the quantum resonance activation method, used in the software and hardware complex, is called MediaSSF.

The quantum resonant-activation method allows significantly increase the efficiency of applied mineral fertilizers (potash, phosphate, ammonium nitrate, urea, etc.), as well as the volume and quality of crops.


The composition of harvest growth regulator and plants development “KREBSAKTIV” includes succinic acid, which provides the cell energy increase (through photosynthesis) and the intensification of metabolic processes. Due to this preparation promotes the selective increased cell membrane permeability, which facilitates the penetration of nutrients into the cell and accelerates plant respiration.
As a result the development of the root system is accelerated, enzymes that increase the plants sustainability to adverse environmental factors (drought, frost) are generated, the availability of nutrients for plants associated with organic and mineral parts of the soil and the insertion of organic and mineral fertilizers increases.
The more powerful root system absorbs more nutrients from the soil, and the increased leaf surface enhances the photosynthesis of organic compounds. Thus, the root system and aerial part of the plant stimulate the growth of each other: increase the flow of nutrients from the soil enhances root growth that causes the growth of the leaf surface, which in turn encourages the development of roots. At the same time, chlorophyll synthesis, sugars, vitamins, essential amino acids is accelerated, that promotes increase of content of nutrients in the harvest to maximum inherent in the genetic program of the plant.
Alongside, drug “KREBSAKTIV” includes salts of humic acids, which affect plants. The effects are associated with cell membrane permeability of cultivated plants, increased respiratory activity of many enzymes, protein synthesis and carbohydrate metabolism activation, increase penetration of nutrients (including minerals) through the pores of plants, which leads to their better digestibility. Particularly noticeable influence of humic substances during the germination of seeds in the early phase plant growth and maturation of seeds.
Realized that it is a quantum resonance that allows the most complete selective action on atoms and molecules is carried out outside the resonance effect (activation) prepared by the wave packet MediaSSF series on “KREBSAKTIV”. Thus, its components transit to the required activated state.
Provided that the obtained optimal state of the components “KREBSAKTIV” significantly more productive than their conventional chemical exposure at power plants, then used an activated “KREBSAKTIV” for joint use with the type of interest of agricultural fertilizers. All these works are carried out on the technology, the author’s methods and with special equipment, including programming software, using software MediaSSF system (certificate of state registration N ° 2010616215 dated September 20, 2010.), According to specifications N ° 4252-001 -80736086-2015, N ° 4252-001-80736086-2015, N ° 4252-001-80736086-2015 and certificate of conformity N ° 1,987,901, N ° 1,987,902, N ° 1987903.
The claimed ingredients of “KREBSAKTIV” are mixed (at the given concentration ranges) by a special technique. The application activation humates and succinic acid by the ISF technology allows not only to reveal the most consumer properties of the ingredients, but also to get a non-obvious positive synergistic effects. At the same time, the joint use of “KREBSAKTIV” with the necessary type of agricultural fertilizer, most fully makes the multifunctional positive effect on plant growth and development.

The technology of the quantum-resonance activation methods is protected by the following patents

N° 2033200, N° 2045881, N° 2047301, N° 2057552 – Russian Federation;

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